Dental Prevention

Healthy Diet = Healthy Teeth

We all know that healthy eating has positive benefits for our body, but did you know that what you eat directly affects the health and wellness of your mouth? This is very much the predicament for younger children who consume more sugar than the usual child, leading to cavities and other issues of decay down the road.

How Do I Prevent Cavities?

The best way to ensure a your child doesn’t get cavities is to live a cavity-free lifestyle. This means practice good oral health habits such as flossing after each time you eat and to watch the intake of sugary snacks. These simple steps can be a huge payoff later on in life.

Seal Out Decay 

Harmony Pediatric Dentistry utilizes an effective sealant that is able to protect vulnerable areas of your child’s tooth, such as the surface of their molars. This is where most foods are processed in the mouth and the sealant is a good guard against future sugar bugs.

Mouth Guards

As simple as they are, mouth guards can do a lot for protecting your child’s mouth during contact sports or for children who excessively grind their teeth at night. Children are the recipients of most of the mouth guards we produce due to the high amount of grinding and sport injuries.

Beware of Sports Drinks

Although sports drinks are incredibly delicious, they are also contain high amounts of sugar. This sugar is able to eat away at the enamel of your teeth, leaving it vulnerable to staining and future damage. Try water instead!