Sedation Options

For those children that experience anxiety related to the dentist, we offer different methods to help address that anxiety.

At Harmony Pediatric Dentistry, we know that the mouth is the cornerstone of the body’s well being, that’s why when we are treating the mouth of a child, we know we are also treating their body as a whole. We take steps to make sure every aspect of care is considered and to also create a trustful and caring relationship with each patient. Our dentists are always sure to cultivate a welcoming and trustworthy atmosphere at each appointment.
For the children that have anxiety related to the dental office, we happily offer many levels of sedation to ensure that they have a comfortable experience in our office. If a child only needs a small amount of sedation for an appointment, we offer nitrous oxide. This medicated gas provides a higher level of relaxation while the child remains conscious. For the children that have high levels of anxiety related to this dentist, we also offer general anesthesia. An anesthesiologist provides general anesthesia to the child so that the dentist can deliver the proper treatment, in a safe and controlled environment.